Life with purpose

The Edit

The Edit: changing the world with creativity

Why creativity is the most valuable skill, what business can learn from Beyonce and more in this week’s edit.

The Edit: Is the climate crisis finally hitting home?

How extreme weather events are forcing people to confront climate change, whether a four day work week is better and more in this week’s edit.
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The Edit: Lessons in leadership

What we can learn about leadership from football, the importance of intergenerational leadership on climate change and more in this week’s edit.
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The Edit: the road ahead

The future of the agricultural industry, the intersection of the climate crisis and the workplace, commercial space travel and more in this week’s edition of The Edit.
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The Edit: connection is a superpower

Why great leadership relies on connection, how biodiversity and climate change are inherently linked, the future of hybrid working and more in this week’s edit.

The Edit: the simplicity of joy

What whales can teach us about joy, why employees are gaining more influence in the workplace and more in this week’s edit.
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The Edit: permanent change

Post-lockdown anxiety, resistance to returning to the office, the pursuit of purpose and more in this week’s edit.
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The Edit: a year later

In this week’s edit we look at the year following George Floyd’s murder, preventing further pandemics and the role of businesses in the 21st century.
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The Edit: the impact of values

The power of values in uncertain times, how to talk to people who don’t want the vaccine and more in this week’s edit of the global conversation on purpose.
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The Edit: Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at what individuals and businesses can do to tackle the growing mental health crisis.
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The Edit: leadership in a time of crisis

How has leadership been altered in the past year, and what changes will endure post-lockdown?
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The Edit: World Immunisation Week

This week, we reflect on how vaccines bring us closer and consider what new challenges immunisation programmes face today.