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The Edit: The In-Between Moments
The Edit

The Edit: The In-Between Moments

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.

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4th Jul 2024

The art of doing nothing, an author explores democracy and more in #TheEdit.

  • Democracy by Margaret Atwood. This year, half the world goes to the polls. Acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood asks whether democracy is fragile and easily destroyed or flexible and resilient – Financial Times
  • An antidote to the cult of self-discipline. Procrastination is one of the last bastions of the creative mind – The Atlantic
  • An artist who’s been making work about life and death since childhood. Sarah Sze discusses her practice, pet adoption and winning second prize in a painting contest – The New York Times
  • Do less. It’s good for you. Many people struggle to relax. But unproductive moments can boost health and happiness – TIME Magazine
  • Characters who arrive preëntangled. Sally Rooney discusses her story “Opening Theory” – New Yorker
  • Philosophy was once alive. I was searching for meaning and purpose so I became an academic philosopher. Reader, you might guess what happened next – Aeon
  • Issue 04 of The Beautiful Truth Magazine. The human story of business. Pre-order your copy today – The Beautiful Truth

“Life is lived in the in-between moments.”

Hillary Kelly