Issue 03 of our print magazine is available to buy now

Issue 03 is available to buy now

Can capitalism be done differently – and better?

The Purpose of Capitalism: Lessons from Japan takes an inside look at some of the largest and oldest Japanese companies to find the answer.

While the Western business world wakes up to ‘purpose’ as a means to address massive environmental degradation, social division and income disparity, for centuries Japan has been playing the long game.

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“What is essential in this upcoming era for companies, organisations and governments is: How do we want to live our lives? How do we tell a story that realises the common good? How do we co-create new meaning and value through empathy?”

Ikujiro Nonaka, Japanese Organizational Theorist, Professor Emeritus Hitotsubashi University

Why Japan?

56% of companies in the world that are over 200 years old are in Japan – some of which are even approaching their 900th birthday. Environmentally, only 1% of waste ends up in landfills and in the global transition to renewables, Japan currently ranks No 5.

What is it about Japanese business people that means that good corporate citizenship and ‘purpose beyond profit’ are natural attitudes? How has Japan’s economy dealt with its successes and failures as a result? How can Western companies learn from this age-old approach?


Lady Lynn De Rothschild

Managing Partner, Inclusive Capital Partners

Hiromichi Mizuno

Former CIO, Japan Government Pension Investment Fund

Takeshi Niinami

CEO, Suntory Holdings Limited

Alex Edmans

Professor, London Business School

Sanda Ojiambo

CEO & Executive Director, UN Global Compact

Ken Shibusawa

Great-great-grandson of Shibusawa Eiichi

Dr Tonooka Chika

University of Cambridge

Dr Watanabe Hiroaki

University of Sheffield

Eiko Kawashima

Chair, Shiose Sohonke

Motoaki Shimizu

President, Takenoi Shuzo

Akiko Naka

Founder & CEO, Wantedly

Janet Hunter

Professor, London School of Economics

Ikujiro Nonaka

Professor, Hitotsubashi Business School

Production team

Dr Victoria James – Producer & Director
Cameron Powrie – Producer
Henry Wood – Editor
Katherine Parsons – Executive Producer
Adam Penny – Executive Producer
Elizabeth Smith – Executive Producer
Jon Ayres – Executive Producer
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