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The Edit: Chaos and Calm
The Edit

The Edit: Chaos and Calm

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
13th Jun 2024

The butterfly effect, the narratives we believe in and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • Why some narratives are so easy to fall for. A conversation with Jerusalem Demsas about the misunderstood policy issues that deserve more nuanced analysis – The Atlantic
  • Epic battles for the ages. Illustrations to denote you vs me, good vs evil, us vs them, self vs world and more – New Yorker
  • In Vermont, a glimpse of a plant last seen a century ago. A plant thought to be locally extinct, false mermaid-weed, has been found through a chain of events that seems stolen from a fairy tale – The New York Times
  • Chaos and cause. Can a butterfly’s wings trigger a distant hurricane? The answer depends on the perspective you take: physics or human agency – Aeon
  • Face your fear of becoming obsolete. How to recognise what you have to offer,  regardless of where you are in your career – Harvard Business Review
  • How to slow down but achieve more, with Cal Newport. Slow productivity is possible, and it is better. But it’s a scary first step to get there – Financial Times
  • The visionary path: Shared dreams, common goals. Our world needs new dreams. Advisor, consultant and teacher Carl Lindeborg explores in an excerpt from his new book, ‘The Authentic Shift’ – The Beautiful Truth

“As more of us explore the inner world deeper and translate new insights into vision and action,  more enabling changes are taking place.”

Carl Lindeborg