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Issue 03 is available to buy now

The complexity of the world’s challenges presents us with an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be both a business and a business leader. It’s never been a more appropriate time for businesses to rise to the challenge of overcoming the world’s greatest problems.

Change isn’t something that can happen overnight, especially when the world’s problems seem so vast and unyielding. But opening ourselves to different ways of thinking, even just a glimpse into someone else’s perspective, can form a spark which may flourish into substantial, positive change.

Global community Leaders on Purpose understand the value of collaboration. Their annual CEO Summit is a powerful space cultivating discussions on purposeful business, allowing perspectives to be shared, and harnessing the power of these small moments of collaboration.

In September 2022, for their fifth year, The Beautiful Truth attended the CEO Summit in New York to sit down with corporate leaders and thinkers and ask them: what do we need from business at this point in history?

Whether it’s implementing sustainability company-wide, allowing collaboration on things bigger than themselves, or truly understanding that change can’t happen overnight, it’s only through a diversity of ideas that we can move business forward in 2023.

Leaders on Purpose

Leaders on Purpose is a For-Benefit organisation dedicated to supporting businesses in creating positive impacts and bringing about systemic change.

They provide research, courses, resources and a community of leaders to help businesses become future-ready and achieve success, while making a meaningful difference in the world.

“Nobody sets up a business for the sake of setting up a business. They set up a business to achieve something: that’s a purpose.”

Jeff Twentyman, Partner and Chair for Sustainability and Responsible Business, Slaughter and May.


Michel Doukeris

CEO, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Marisa Drew

Chief Sustainability Officer, Standard Chartered Bank

Patricia Obo-Nai

CEO, Vodafone Ghana

Andrés Gluski

President and CEO, The AES Corporation

Heidi K. Gardner

Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School

Myriam Sidibé

Chief Mission Officer and Founder, Brands on a Mission

Laura Kohler

Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer, Kohler Co.

Jeff Twentyman

Partner and Chair for Sustainability and Responsible Business, Slaughter and May
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