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The Edit: Seeking Out Others
The Edit

The Edit: Seeking Out Others

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.

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12th Jul 2024

Finding the courage to hope, learning to love monsters and more in #TheEdit.

  • Learning to love monsters. Windmills were once just machines on the land but now seem delightfully bucolic. Could wind turbines win us over too? – Aeon
  • Centuries of avalanches are stored in tree rings. Discovering evidence of deadly deluges of snow from the past could help protect people on mountains around the world, researchers say – The New York Times
  • He’s an Oxford-trained philosopher of war. CEOs can’t get enough of him. What happens when philosopher David Rodin gets called in to the corner office – Financial Times
  • Opening Theory. An excerpt from Sally Rooney’s fourth novel Intermezzo, author of Conversations with Friends, Normal People and Beautiful World, Where Are YouNew Yorker
  • How can I find the courage to not abandon hope? Hope is something we choose – and sustain for the sake of others. Seek out others who are looking for reasons to keep going – The Guardian
  • Have communications eclipsed creativity? The paradox of the modern white-collar worker is that she is simultaneously more and less alone than her analogue in any previous generation – The Atlantic
  • What are microaggressions? The small words that can have a big negative impact – The Beautiful Truth

“You may find that simply doing without an expectation of success helps fuel the engine of hope.”

Eleanor Gordon-Smith