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Risky business: Why risk reporting is key to stopping climate change and future pandemics

The business risks around climate change and future pandemics are huge, so why are so few companies reporting on them?
Sustainable business

How Patagonia and Allbirds set the pace on their journey as sustainable leaders

The CEO’s of Patagonia and Allbirds discuss how they’re tackling the climate crisis while sharing innovative practices and materials.

The great office reset 

To understand the future of the office we need to look at its history

A shift towards a purpose-first economy: the key players helping build the world better

After the pandemic, how can we build a world that is more equal, more sustainable and more resilient?
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Greed is good. Except when it’s bad.

Fifty years after it was written, how relevant is Milton Friedman’s “The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits” today?
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Purpose and business: key principles from the British Academy

What can the British Academy's ‘Principles for Purposeful Business’ teach us about purposeful business amidst the pandemic?

Leaders on Purpose: how to walk the talk and transition into a purpose-led business

Why purpose? In 2019 there was a lot of talk about purpose. From the Business Roundtable to the UN Climate […]

How B Lab is changing the role of businesses in society

Purpose over profit  In 2006, three friends left their careers in business and private equity to create B Lab, a […]

Purpose in governance

by Elliot Wilson  What is purpose? Research shows that people with a hard-wired sense of purpose do better in life. […]