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Issue 03 is available to buy now

The Edit: Finding Magic
The Edit

The Edit: Finding Magic

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
12th Apr 2024

Daily rituals, middle managers, solitude and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • The quiet magic of middle managers. They are David Brooks’ unsung heroes of our age – NY Times
  • The benefits of daily rituals. While some may cringe at forced corporate rituals, research shows that personal and team rituals can actually benefit the way we work – Harvard Business Review
  • The drawbacks – and benefits – of solitude. Three books examine the perils and pleasures of being alone – The Economist
  • Five pillars of a good life. The great Swiss psychoanalyst left us a surprisingly practical guide to being happier – The Atlantic
  • What phones are doing to reading. It’s becoming harder, or at least less common, to read the old-fashioned way. But the new ways of reading are not all bad – New Yorker
  • How to make a map of smell. We can split light by a prism, sounds by tones, but surely the world of odour is too complex and personal? Strangely, no – Aeon
  • What is the Purpose Gap? The business world may merely be paved with good intentions – The Beautiful Truth

“This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know: that the soul exists, and that it is built entirely out of attentiveness.”

Mary Oliver