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The Edit: Failure is the Key to Success
The Edit

The Edit: Failure is the Key to Success

How to be happy after failing, business leaders on the purpose vs. profit debate and more in this week’s #TheEdit.
21st Jan 2022

In June 2010, when Brené Brown took to the stage at TEDx Houston, she hoped that no one would be watching. In fact, she thought it could be disastrous for her career as an academic at the University of Houston if they were. 

“I thought, oh my God, I hope no one sees this, because I will lose my career as an academic. By all accounts, that felt like a failure. I cried for a week.” But head of TED, Chris Anderson told her she would be featured on the main website. “I thought this was the biggest failure of my career to date.”

Over a decade later, Brown’s TED Talk has nearly 60M views. She’s become a household name for her work on shame, vulnerability and leadership, and has written six number-one New York Times bestsellers. 

Reflecting on the talk that launched her success, Brown muses: “Failure is in the eye of the vulnerable.” 

Without the acceptance of failure, the freedom to pursue success is hindered. Failing is a necessary and inevitable part of life, and one that we should learn to embrace – because with it, comes innovation, creativity and growth. 

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“There is no innovation and creativity without failure.”

Brené Brown