19th March 2021 0 Comments Purpose

The Edit: How do we want to live in a post-pandemic world?

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This week, the world celebrated nearly 400M doses of Covid-19 vaccines rolled out globally. As a post-pandemic life feels increasingly in reach, now is the time to be reflective. How do we want to live when it is over? 

In this week’s round-up, we tune into the global conversation on purpose, and take a look at the individuals and organisations creatively pursuing purpose every day.

Firstly, a dose of positivity: read about why over 3 million people signed up for a course on happiness at Yale

Watch Deanna Mulligan discuss her new book, ‘Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close the Skills Gap’, in this edition of Mckinsey’s Author Talks.

Why is trust so important in business? 

Explore how social audio is helping to shape a new future of communication and human connection.

Ever heard of The Cold Blob? This interactive NY Times piece uses the globe to demonstrate how ocean currents are indicators of climate change, and why a ‘cold blob’ near Greenland is cause for concern. 

Why purpose is a necessity in building a more prosperous post-pandemic business, and how HR can be a driving force. 

Can AI be used for purposeful change, or is time for a reality check

Marvel at this carbon-absorbing, oxygen producing, algae covered couture collection. 

Two French architects have won the Pritzker Prise by ‘never demolishing’ buildings, placing purpose and sustainability at the heart of their work. 

And finally, reflecting on a year of lockdown: how the pandemic has impacted  connection, relationships and the whole world’s mental health