Life with purpose


The Edit: changing the world with creativity

Why creativity is the most valuable skill, what business can learn from Beyonce and more in this week’s edit.
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Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

If we aren’t working with people who think differently to us, we’ll all lose out.

What is unconscious bias?

The Basics is a series that breaks down the essential questions of purposeful business.

The Edit: the simplicity of joy

What whales can teach us about joy, why employees are gaining more influence in the workplace and more in this week’s edit.

Exploring the purpose of life

Guillaume Thierry, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Bangor University, shares his current thinking on the human mind and how it […]
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The Edit: permanent change

Post-lockdown anxiety, resistance to returning to the office, the pursuit of purpose and more in this week’s edit.
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Josh Roberts: breaking down the stigma around men’s mental health

Josh Roberts, author of Anxious Man, discusses his experiences with anxiety and how we can de-stigmatise men's mental health.
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How to deal with a year of accumulated burnout from working at home

After a year of working from home, how can we combat the mental exhaustion of working in a pandemic?
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Only good guys win medals

How our unconscious expectations influence the behaviour of others.
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From fear to flow: how a flow state can help you get through lockdown

Research shows that flow-inducing activities can boost mental well-being in uncertain times.
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How can we use memory to become more resilient?

We might be inclined to forget 2020 and our summer break entirely. But there is value even in memories of stressful events.