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Issue 03 is available to buy now

The Beautiful Truth’s Gift Guide 2022

The Beautiful Truth’s Gift Guide 2022

Our guide to the best sustainable, ethical and meaningful gifts this festive season.
6th Dec 2022

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different options for gifts. The myriad of sales, offers, adverts and deals can make it difficult to find the items that not only make excellent presents, but also have a purpose at their core. We’ve done the hard work and put together a guide for some of the best sustainable, ethical and purposeful gifts on the market this year – whoever you’re looking to buy for. 

Here are our top picks: 

For those that love glitter: Little by Little

Little by Little is a jewellery company with unique origins. The founders’ culinary background and appreciation for the beauty found in food informs the jewellery designs. They are also fittingly partnered with Luminary Bakery, a charity that supports vulnerable women by providing them with training, employment and community. For them, it feels “natural to connect the crafting of meals, consciously-made jewellery and charity fundraising.”

For the budding cook: Migrateful

Migrateful is a UK charity that offers cookery classes led by refugee, asylum seeker and vulnerable migrant chefs on their journey to integration. It’s the best way to learn how to cook authentic meals from around the world, while giving the chefs the opportunity to build their community and work towards qualifications. Perfect for anyone who is passionate about authentic international cuisine.

For the cocktail lover: Sapling Spirits

Sapling Spirits are a climate positive spirit company with certified B Corp status, specialising in vodka and gin. Their farming methods cultivate healthier and more fertile soil – which captures CO2 – as well as increasing biodiversity. For each bottle sold they plant a tree and by using the tracking code provided, you can find the exact location of the sapling you helped to grow.

For the sartorially-minded: Thrift+

Thrift+ was founded to bring the online clothing retailing experience to charity clothes shopping. With an increasing awareness of the negative environmental impact attributed to the fashion industry through its excessive water consumption and textile waste, many people are turning to second-hand clothing instead of buying brand new. Browse to your heart’s content from the comfort of your own home, with every purchase going towards a charity chosen by the seller.

For the kid: Stib

Stib designs products that aim to get children talking about their feelings in order to boost their self-esteem and wellbeing by sparking conversation about the things that really matter. Their Positive Worded Colouring Pencil pack makes the perfect gift for any little one in your world.

For the Christmas card-enthusiast: EveryDoctor

Christmas cards are a necessity during the holiday season – we love these ones by EveryDoctor, where each purchase helps to fund their campaign to support and safeguard NHS patients and staff. As well as unique cards, which come with recycled envelopes in compostable bags, they also stock Christmas gifts, hot water bottles, keepcups and more.

For the comfort-aligned: Buffy

Buffy aims to make your life more comfortable, without causing discomfort to the planet. Their blankets and bedding boast sustainable manufacturing: including using recycled plastics, water-saving eucalyptus fabric and hemp. They also offset all CO2 emissions generated from freight and customer shipments, meaning you can sleep comfortably knowing your gift-giving isn’t to the detriment of the environment.

For the hopeful: The Beautiful Truth

If there’s someone in your circle looking for inspiration in their life or work, Issue 01 of The Beautiful Truth magazine is the gift for them. Featuring stories on human insight, creativity, and the belief that business can be a force for good and profitable at the same time, it’s reading for those who want their lives and work to have a lasting, positive impact on people around them and on the world.