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The increasing polarisation and uncertainty in the world has left many feeling a sense of hopelessness, believing that the challenges facing the world today are insurmountable. We created The Beautiful Truth to explore a more inspirational narrative – one that helps us understand our human contradictions and flaws, as well as demonstrating that people and businesses are capable of magnificent things.

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  • Contributors

    Alex Edmans, Ben Osborn, Charmian Love, Dylan Taylor, Emmanuel Lulin, Feike Sijbesma, Hiro Mizuno, Ikujiro Nonaka, Johan Norberg, Jay Van Bavel, Joshua Rothman, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Mary Johnstone-Louis, Olivia Guigue, Paul Polman, Peter Flavel, Rebecca Henderson, Ruchika Tulshyan, Rutger Bregman, Tim Jackson, Will Storr

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    128 pages, 230mm x 295mm. Offset-printed, thread-sewn, and perfect bound, full colour on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in the United Kingdom by Park Communication. First published in March 2022

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Inside the Issue

The Purpose of Capitalism, Lessons from Japan

While the Western business world wakes up to ‘purpose’ as a means to address massive environmental degradation, social division and income disparity, for centuries Japan has been playing the long game. We talk to Ikujiro Nonaka, Hiro Mizuno and Lady Lynn de Rothschild about what the West can learn from Japanese capitalism.

Creating a New Eden

Jonathan Thomson had one goal in mind when he purchased 25 acres of English countryside: to turn back time. His plan was to return the land, which had been a llama farm and a commercial woodland, to the wilderness, making space for countless species of flora and fauna that had been pushed out of the area over hundreds of years due to farming. This process is called rewilding, and it’s gaining popularity in the UK and around the world as an effective way to fight climate change.

To Infinity and Beyond

Ecological Economist Tim Jackson argues that the billionaire space race epitomizes everything that is wrong with capitalism today. Instead of pursuing infinite growth, we should tend to what already exists. As he writes: “That’s when it began to dawn on me that learning how to live well on this fragile planet is far more important than dreaming about the next one.”

“In the last 20 years, something extraordinary has happened. Scientists from all over the world have switched to a more hopeful view of mankind.”

— Rutger Bregman, author of Humankind

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