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Home Evasion

“Hybrid working” is in its honeymoon phase, but employer-worker relationships will shatter in the long-term without creating mutual trust.
pathway through crop field

The Edit: the road ahead

The future of the agricultural industry, the intersection of the climate crisis and the workplace, commercial space travel and more in this week’s edition of The Edit.

Will travel ever go back to normal?

With much of air travel grounded for over a year, we question whether the industry should ever return to its pre-pandemic state.
People rowing boat on water

Open: the story of human progress

Author Johan Norberg makes the case that progress is intrinsically linked to connectivity.

How can we actually create happy societies?

Imagine two different societies. In the first, people tend to be stressed, tense, irritable, distracted and self-absorbed. In the second, […]

Extinction Rebellion: activism for change

Extinction Rebellion burst onto everybody’s screens with disruptions and mass arrests across the UK and around the world in protest […]

Be more pirate: sea change starts with you

  Be More Pirate: Or How to Take on the World and Win is a rallying cry for anyone who […]