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The Edit: Transformation
The Edit

The Edit: Transformation

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.

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8th Jul 2022

Why culture is key, how to avoid busywork and more in this week’s The Edit. 

  • Work culture is key. The outlines of corporate culture are becoming more discernible than ever – The Economist 
  • Should artists have a stake in their own work? The resurgent $65bn art market has led to rampant speculation around the work of young artists, who see little of the profit – The Financial Times
  • Life is too short to be busy. We’ve been “productive” enough, and there is too much that urgently needs to be done – The New York Times
  • The five filters of the mass media machine. Is mass media still ‘manufacturing consent’ in the internet age? – Aeon Video
  • A single approach to culture transformation may not fit all. It’s better to bend than break when it comes to unifying company culture – McKinsey 
  • Meet the CEO who is letting staff take the whole month of August off. Staff at social enterprise 64 Million Artists will all benefit from a month off work, while still getting full pay – Raconteur
  • Is Instagram bad for the great outdoors? Geotags are leading to overcrowding and disruption, but if nature isn’t for everyone, who decides who it’s for? – The Guardian
  • We asked five of the world’s leading thinkers what one quality they thought was key to a kinder, greener and more equitable world. Economist and award-winning playwright Tim Jackson discusses caring – The Beautiful Truth