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The Edit: changing the world with creativity

Why creativity is the most valuable skill, what business can learn from Beyonce and more in this week’s edit.
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Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

If we aren’t working with people who think differently to us, we’ll all lose out.
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How can constraints enhance creativity?

In narrowing available resources or abilities, limitations are momentous sources of potential for organisations.
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How can we rise above the blame game?

How can understanding the psychology of blame help us get to the root of complex issues?
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The secret to creativity – according to science

Why do we seem to differ so dramatically in our ability to imagine? And can we train ourselves to become more imaginative?

Why do we need the arts in times of crisis?

How can we use art to navigate an unfamiliar present and start thinking about a rejuvinated future?

How creativity can help us cultivate moral imagination

Elizabeth Reid Boyd, Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Humanities at Edith Cowan University, writes on the connection […]

Your ‘eureka’ moment explained

Scientists claim to have discovered a key part of the process by which people come to an ‘aha’ or ‘eureka’ […]
The World The Way I Want It

Tagging Germany creatively

When you think of senior citizens, entering their autumnal years and giving up work, what comes to mind? Intrepid travellers, […]