13th November 2018 0 Comments Purpose

Timothy Henry on defining Purpose

Man smiling with neon lightning behind him

Timothy Henry, founding member of the Conscious Capitalism movement and co-author of Conscious Capitalism Fieldguide: Tools for Transforming Your Organization. He is also a co-CEO of the London-based Bridge Partnership, a global leadership and organizational management consultancy. Henry took time out of his busy schedule to sit with us and discuss a different, more holistic way of doing business.

“How do we go on this journey with business leaders to make business a force for good in the world?” asks Henry. His answer may sound oversimplified, but discovering purpose can be broken down into four key or common stages of development.

Before the journey even begins, however, the first step is finding the inspiration and the courage to bring purpose to life. This might be the most daunting stage of all, but well worth it for business leaders who see the value in using their passion and skills to make a positive impact on society.