24th May 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Solving supply chain transparency: Episode three of ‘The Leaders Series’


Can you solve a problem you can’t see?

As scrutiny on supply chains increases and the ethics of trade are being questioned, the tools that enable visibility of a company’s suppliers will become more vital to its customers. 

We sat down with Jessi Baker, the founder of Provenance, a digital platform that enables businesses to share information about the journey of people, places and ingredients behind their products. In making this information available, we can make informed decisions about the products we are buying, based on their impact on the environment and society.

“I don’t think I ever really wanted to start a business” Jessi explains, “I just wanted to solve the problem. And I still just want to solve the problem. That’s really all I’m motivated to do.”

She explains how first hand experience helped her to define her purpose, why transparency is not going to be every business’s best friend, and why it is more critical than ever.