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The Leaders Series

Navigating adversity with purpose: episode five of ‘The Leaders Series’

Businesses now accept that they have a responsibility to consider climate change. But can they really steer the solutions?

Solving supply chain transparency: episode three of ‘The Leaders Series’

As scrutiny on supply chains increases and the ethics of trade are being questioned, how can businesses improve their transparency?

Investment is personal: episode two of ‘The Leaders Series’

What does it really mean to live by your values when money is at stake?

Why faux-purpose will not last: episode one of the ‘Leaders Series’

How do you maintain both authenticity and contemporary relevance?
Leaders Series film

The Beautiful Truth presents ‘Leaders Series’ – the trailer

We spoke to five business leaders about the 'why' driving the leadership. How, despite challenges, do they stay comitted to a higher cause?

Christa Gyori on purpose

Christa Gyori, CEO and co-founder of Leaders on Purpose, sat down with us to talk about the immense business potential […]