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Tim Dixon: More in Common

Tim Dixon: More in Common

A documentary on the dangers of polarisation and how we can overcome it, featuring Tim Dixon, Co-founder of More in Common.

“If we can change these dynamics of polarisation and put ourselves out of business, then we’ve won.”

Tim Dixon
19th Mar 2024

Society has never been more polarised than it is today. Hoping to eradicate the forces that breed these divisions is Tim Dixon, Co-founder of More in Common, an organisation that works to build a more united, inclusive and resilient society.

Tim’s background as an economist and lawyer led him to various senior political roles, including as senior economic adviser and chief speechwriter for two Australian prime ministers. Struck by the polarisation that he has seen across many countries and sectors, he founded More in Common.

Our documentary uncovers where polarisation comes from, what its dangers are and how we can become a more unified society.

Read Tim’s conversation with our Co-founder Adam Penny.