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The Edit: The Simplicity of Joy
The Edit

The Edit: The Simplicity of Joy

What whales can teach us about joy, why employees are gaining more influence in the workplace and more in this week’s edit.

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15th Jun 2021

In celebration of World Ocean Day, this week’s edit features several pieces on the beauty, importance and vulnerability of our incredible oceans. The great blue is not only responsible for regulating global climate and storing two-three billion tonnes of CO2 per year, but is probably where all life on earth began

It is vital to protect our vast oceans, both in order to preserve biodiversity and to secure a stable climate and future for generations to come. How can businesses act in order to facilitate positive change for our oceans? How can we embed purpose into climate action – on an individual and business level?

Here is our edit of the global conversation on purpose. 

  • The simplicity of joy: how studying whales across different areas of the ocean can teach us about revelling in the small moments of happiness and meaning (Time). 
  • Is David Graeber’s concept of the useless job actually no longer accurate? (The Economist)
  • The Ocean Economy: a podcast on who is paying the price, and how we can make it more sustainable (The Conversation). 
  • Patagonia’s CEO, Ryan Gellert, discusses the importance of having authentic purpose in business (Raconteur). 
  • Do you really understand the ocean’s plastic problem? Here are some of the biggest misunderstandings being debunked, and why it’s not as simple as just taking out bottles floating on the surface (Fast Company). 
  • Workers are gaining more influence in the workplace, and as a result priorities are shifting (The New York Times). 
  • The clean energy entrepreneur advocating for the prioritisation of justice within climate action (BTheChange). 
  • How boards can be positioned to nurture resilience in times of crisis (Mckinsey). 

“The planet will survive no matter what. Life will continue with or without us. What we have to do is save our species.” 

Simon Sinek