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The Edit: The Next Generation
The Edit

The Edit: The Next Generation

How the past can help our future, why letting go is essential to leadership and more in this week’s #TheEdit.
22nd Oct 2021

With COP26 fast approaching, all eyes are focused firmly on the future. Climate discussions have forced a change in perspective when it comes to time; we can no longer afford to only think about the rest of our lives – as long term and sweeping as even that sounds – but instead, we must consider the billions of lives that are yet to exist. 

Future generations are looking back at the decisions we make now. The next generation is relying on us to pass on a world that is not only habitable, but flourishing. 

This is our edit of the global conversation on purpose.

  • Does the future of work take place in the garden? – The New York Times
  • Green investment: Boris Johnson has announced a $550 million deal with Bill Gates – Bloomberg
  • Reflecting on the past to inform our future: George Monbiot revisits historic societal transformations and how they can help us navigate our future – The Guardian 
  • Why letting go is essential to effective leadership – The Financial Times
  • A future of hope: these companies, people and ideas could provide solutions to some of our biggest challenges – Fast Company
  • As part of Time Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders series, explore how this tech CEO is working to help fellow Afghans feel safer each day – Time   
  • What to look out for at COP26 in November – The Economist 
  • Paul Polman and Andrew Winston discuss why businesses need to become net positive – Outrage and Optimism Podcast

“The future of all coming generations rests on your shoulders. What you do now, we children can’t undo in the future. So please, give us a future.”

Greta Thunberg