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Issue 04 is available to pre-order now

The Edit: The Future of Purpose
The Edit

The Edit: The Future of Purpose

Why innovation relies on diversity, building for the future and more in this week’s #TheEdit.
10th Dec 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, many organisations are reflecting on the challenges, triumphs and lessons from the past year. As working from home guidance returns, the instability and uncertainty of the past two years has clearly not been left behind – but companies are perhaps better equipped with the resilience and flexibility needed to weather the storm. 

What does the future of purpose look like for companies in 2022? 

This is our edit of the global conversation on purpose.

  • Oil companies compete to recruit the best talent in order to transition to a green future – The Financial Times
  • The future of data with Tim Berners-Lee – Raconteur  
  • The power of diverse thinking: why innovation relies on workplace diversity – Aeon Video
  • Building for the future: how companies can prepare for yet-to-be-invented sources of revenue – McKinsey
  • Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, explains why bringing her whole self to work has been key to her success – Harvard Business Review
  • The right to disconnect: do bans on after-hours calls really work? – The Economist
  • The biomass industry: carbons emissions that don’t officially exist – The New Yorker
  • Alex Edmans talks about the business case for purpose in our new film – The Beautiful Truth

“If we want to repurpose society, it’s not sufficient for CEOs just to know that purpose leads to profit, we need to change the evaluation schemes and horizons so that people have long term perspectives.”

Alex Edmans