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The Edit: Predicting the future
The Edit

The Edit: Predicting the future

Getting employees back in the office, predicting the needs of consumers, the wider effects of working from home and more in this week’s #TheEdit.
3rd Sep 2021

As the summer season draws to a close, thoughts are turning to how the world will cope with another winter of Covid – this time, with vaccinations. 

Businesses need to be more resilient and flexible than ever. Predicting how the future will be shaped has become increasingly difficult in a climate of uncertainty and sudden case rises. But will vaccination programs create a more stable winter ahead?

How can global business continue to pursue a better future when the road ahead is unclear? This is our #Edit of the global conversation on purpose.

  • Should the future of meetings be in person, or on Zoom? – The Economist 
  • How to get half a million employees back into the office – BBC News 
  • In order to thrive, businesses must predict the ever changing needs and priorities of the consumer – Mckinsey Podcast 
  • The knock-on effect of emptier offices in a new work-from-home economy – The New York Times 
  • Are carbon offsets truly a climate solution, or just a license to pollute? – The Financial Times
  • The ‘third spaces’: when working from home and the office aren’t an option, is it time to try the pub? – Raconteur
  • Putting electric cars to the test with a roadtrip across the UK – The Guardian Podcast 
    Strength in vulnerability: lessons from a CEO – Fast Company

“When you remind people that you are a human first and importantly–that you know they are too–you break down walls built up over years.”

Seth Kaufman, CEO Moët Hennessy North America

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