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The Edit: Power to the People?
Greta Thunberg attending a climate march in Montreal.
The Edit

The Edit: Power to the People?

Why consumers are showing loyalty to companies with purpose, why we need to teach children about climate change and more in this week’s Edit.
20th Aug 2021

Three years ago today, a fifteen year old school child sat in front of the Swedish Riksdag instead of attending school, holding a sign that read Skolstrejk för Klimatet.

In a single act, Greta Thunberg began a global movement. Three years later, what has her defiance in the face of global leadership achieved? How much power does this new generation of young activists have, and how will they translate this into their careers as they begin to enter the workplace?

This is our Edit of the global conversation on purpose.

  • Younger generations of consumers can easily sniff out a lack of sincerity, and are increasingly bothered by it. How can companies pursue authenticity? – Raconteur 
  • Why it’s essential to teach climate change to schoolchildren; after all, they will be the ones dealing with the crisis – The Guardian 
  • The complexities of making genuinely sustainable products: Lululemon launches plant-based leggings, but they’re not biodegradable – Fast Company 
  • How workers in low-wage roles are pushing for one thing: a career path – The New York Times
  • Do we need to start learning to live with climate change? Reflections on what can be gleaned from LA – Financial Times
  • The investors banking on tech geniuses to save humanity’s future – The Economist 
  • Loyalty rewards purpose: how younger consumers are committed to companies that have greater social purpose – Fortune
  • AI and wildlife conservation: how can technology help protect species at risk of climate-caused disease? – Wired

“Why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us? We demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask?”

Greta Thunberg

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