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The Edit: Lessons in leadership
The Edit

The Edit: Lessons in leadership

What we can learn about leadership from football, the importance of intergenerational leadership on climate change and more in this week’s edit.
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16th Jul 2021

One of the most important qualities of leadership is the ability to fail effectively. While these two terms may appear contradictory, failure – and how someone responds to failure – is essential for growth, resilience, maturity and improvement. 

Leadership is also an exercise in learning. In this week’s edit, we focus on the lessons provided by those who are navigating at the helm of purpose-driven organisations. What can we learn from the leaders who are forging a better future for all stakeholders? 

This is our edit of the global conversation on purpose.

  • Dr. Laurel Stachel discusses how she transformed a devastating career setback into a life-saving idea that helps millions in Forbes’ 50 over 50 series (Forbes). 
  • Young leaders: the importance of intergenerational conversations when it comes to climate change (Financial Times). 
  • How can ethical brands retain their principles when acquired by a bigger multinational corporation? Innocent’s takeover by Coca-Cola provides some guidelines (Raconteur). 
  • An interview with Beyond Meat’s CEO on innovating a new market and the future of plant based food (Time). 
  • Southgate vs Mancini: what lessons in leadership can be gleaned from the side of the pitch at Wembley last weekend? (Economist
  • Why companies need to move away from performative busyness and towards trust in order to create sustainable remote working (The New Yorker). 
  • Effective and productive communication: where is the urgency on climate change? (New York Times
  • Coronavirus leadership case studies: how these six CEOs are building inclusive hybrid workplaces (Fast Company). 
  • And finally, a lesson in how it’s never too late to prioritise purpose from Phil Goddard – a former sales executive turned postman (LinkedIn).

“Leadership is not about giving energy. It’s about unleashing other people’s energy.”

Paul Polman

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