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The Edit: How We View the World
The Edit

The Edit: How We View the World

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
12th Jan 2024

Micro-photography, productivity and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • Winners of the 2023 close-up photographer of the year. The best of close-up, micro and macro photography – The Atlantic
  • Wellbeing and the demands of gen Z: HR leaders’ priorities for 2024. HR leaders discuss the main people trends businesses will have to navigate over the year and the strategies they’re lining up to overcome them – Raconteur
  • Productivity doesn’t have to be hard work. Working more efficiently can make us happier, inside the office and out – FT Podcast
  • The geometry of other people. Some friends are ‘close’. Others are ‘distant’. But our spatial descriptions of social life are more than just metaphors – Aeon
  • When you return an item, the planet pays the price. The next stop for online purchases that are sent back may be the dump – The New York Times
  • What you hear without headphones. Sarah Akinterinwa illustrates what happens when forgotten headphones force a new appreciation for the surrounding world – New Yorker
  • The dark side of solar power. As interest in clean energy surges, used solar panels are going straight into landfill – Harvard Business Review
  • The everyday resilience of an Olympian. How Team GB are inspiring the next generation to be healthy in body and mind  – The Beautiful Truth 

“Without much thought, we employ a whole library of spatial and architectural metaphors to explain our social worlds.”

David Borkenhagen