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The Edit: Choosing Your Dreams 
The Edit

The Edit: Choosing Your Dreams 

The encore years, resilience, dreams and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

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25th Aug 2023

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.

  • The new old age. What a new life stage can teach the rest of us about how to find meaning and purpose, before it’s too late – The Atlantic
  • The uses, and the limits, of ‘nudge’. Reputational hits to behavioural science have cast undue doubt on its policy application – Financial Times
  • The science of choice in boosting innovation. “Choice mapping” adds helpful constraints to your process – Harvard Business Review
  • The problem of nature writing. To succeed, to get people to care about preserving the world, it can’t be only about nature – New Yorker
  • What an asteroid can teach us about resilience. After hitting an emotional low, I found myself identifying with an asteroid that looks deceptively solid on the outside – Psyche
  • Dream jobs in the world of culture. The hours may be punishing and the politics, internal and external, can be demanding – The New York Times
  • Climate adaptation: are UK firms passing the buck? The private sector has come to expect the government to lead the way on preparing for climate-related threats – Raconteur
  • A Price to Pay: How businesses can make strategic trade-offs? Professor Alex Edmans shares how leaders can prioritise better, and why it won’t make everyone happy  – The Beautiful Truth 

“You have to surrender to something outside yourself to gain strength within yourself.”

David Brooks