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The Edit: A Balm for Solastalgia
The Edit

The Edit: A Balm for Solastalgia

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.

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26th Apr 2024

Soothing climate anxiety, how love imbues the world and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • More women work in nonprofits. Why do men end up leading them? “Glass escalator” refers to the finding that men in female-dominated occupations often experience a faster rise to the C-suite than women – Harvard Business Review
  • Solastalgia: Ada Limón has a balm for your climate anxiety. The US poet laureate on closing the gap between nature and the self – The New York Times
  • The happiness trinity. Why it’s so hard to answer the question “What makes us happiest?” – The Atlantic
  • The “epic row” over a new epoch. Scientists, journalists, and artists often say that we live in the Anthropocene, a new age in which humans shape the Earth, a term geologists reject – New Yorker
  • The enchanted vision. Love is much more than a mere emotion or moral ideal. It imbues the world itself and we should learn to move with its power – Aeon
  • Surrealism and sustainability at West Dean Gardens. The West Sussex landmark is steeped in artistic, royal and horticultural history – Financial Times
  • May contain lies. In a world of misinformation, how do we separate fact from fiction? London Business School professor Alex Edmans unpacks his strategy for uncovering the truth – The Beautiful Truth 

“If we don’t grieve, we numb. And if we don’t have joy and we don’t have hope, we give up.”

Ada Limón