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Issue 03 is available to buy now

Ocean & Air
Film Club

Ocean & Air

A science-meets-myth origin story, reimagined for our times.
7th May 2024

Each month, we show you a short film that’s moved us beyond the day – meaningful stories that inspire us to pause, think and feel. 

Ocean & Air is an animated book trailer for The Forgotten Teachers, a science-meets-myth origin story reimagined for our times, written by neuroscientist and poet Brian Isett and illustrated by artist Claudia Biçen.

The film describes the evolution of life on Earth under the mentorship of two teachers from the natural world: Ocean and Air. Ideas from the field of evolutionary biology are brought to life by poetic prose and dreamlike, handmade watercolour illustrations. The film is mystical yet scientific, surreal yet true.

Learn more about Claudia Biçen here.

“Once upon a time almost four billion years ago, ocean taught life how to begin.”

Ocean & Air