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Dear Travelers
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Dear Travelers

A film by Spencer MacDonald, 'Dear Travelers' captures the current feelings of climate activists – desperate to be heard. 

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31st Aug 2023

Each month, we show you a short film that’s moved us beyond the day – meaningful stories that inspire us to pause, think and feel.

A film by Spencer MacDonald, ‘Dear Travelers’ captures the current feelings of climate activists – desperate to be heard. The film depicts longtime environmental activist Rosmarie Wydler-Wälti.

Sitting comfortably and surrounded by nature, she begins to shame viewers for the climate catastrophe that they’ve caused. Her voice is eclipsed by the arresting music of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ – a metaphor for nature; louder, more impacting than her voice itself can ever be.

“What will it take for us to listen?”

Dear Travelers

Director: Spencer MacDonald
DOP: Fabian Kimoto
Producer: Pascal Duschletta
1. AC: Gabriel Koller
Gaffer/Grip: Tom Brunner
Location Sound: Martin Scheuter
Executive Producer: Lea Fee
Production: Tasty Pictures
Rental: Octamas
Editor: Spencer MacDonald
SFX & Mix: Matteo Di Giulio
Colorist: Fabian Kimoto
Music: Vivaldi & Lee Rosevere
Activist: Rosmarie Wydler-Wälti
Violinist: Sonja Jungblut