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A View From Above
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A View From Above

Dylan Werkman's 'A View From Above' follows an intimate journey of an astronaut going up into space alongside the myriad life experiences below.
23rd May 2023

Each month, we show you a short film that’s moved us beyond the day – meaningful stories that inspire us to pause, think and feel. 

Dylan Werkman‘s A View From Above follows intimate but disparate stories of humankind. An astronaut goes into space, a couple await the birth of their baby, an athlete trains and a diver dares.

Werkman portrays the vibrancy of life on earth while also taking us to space – to show just how connected we are through human emotion and experience.

“He certainly couldn’t look at that fragile blue globe and not think about the ancient sails of life that are crossing its paths.”

Director: Dylan Werkman, Instagram: @workmannnnnn