Issue 03 of our print magazine is available to buy now

Issue 03 is available to buy now

A Creative Life
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A Creative Life

Green Renaissance’s tribute to the quiet power of craft explores the rejuivinating potential of creativity.

What function does creativity serve us? 

Green Renaissance are a collective of off-grid filmmakers, working to uncover inspiration in the world. 

Last year, they released ‘A Creative Life’, featuring Dawn Garisch, Gina Niederhumer, Ole Jakob Nielsen and Kyoko Kimura Morgan, and filmed in South Africa and the Faroe Islands.

Showcasing the quiet, reparative power of craft, the film explores what we can bring to the world and our selves when we unleash our creativity.

“You can use too much time just watching what others do, forgetting that life is something that you create yourself.”

Editing – by Jackie Viviers
Sound mix – by Tamryn Breakey

Equipment used – mix of Sony FS7 and Sony A7S

Music sourced from ArtList –
Sunday Afternoon – by IamDayLight
Open Your Eyes – by Alon Peretz
Cora – by Kevin Graham
Dusk – by Autumn Spirits

Cinematic sound effects – by Visual Tone

Help with language translations:
Croatian – by Davor Bobanac
Italian – by Vincenzo Mocerino
Portuguese – by Jonatha Koeller
Russian – by Assiya Marzhanova
Spanish – by Sebastián Hoch
Turkish – by Ozdemir Akin