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Working Well Together

Working Well Together

The next generation of remote workspaces are on a mission to make the world a better place.

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21st Oct 2021

A new era of here, there, and everywhere working is upon us. Many people are no longer required to be in the office five-days a week, but they don’t necessarily want to sit at home either.  Enter: the remote workspace. They are often far better designed than the average office, offer excellent wifi and unique networking opportunities. 

Of course, co-working spaces were already thriving pre-pandemic, but with millions more people now hybrid working, there’s a greater demand for them, as well as for cozy conference centres (ideal for bringing a completely remote workforce together).

We’ve searched the globe for some of the most innovative, exciting and purposeful workspaces out there. These are our top picks.

Certified B Corp x+why is on a mission to change the way the world works through purpose built workspaces. They’re set on building a community of purpose driven leaders, companies and movements who are all on the same page about one thing: business can be more. 

With locations spread across East and Central London – and plans for UK-wide expansion underway – they’ve created unique spaces with purpose cemented into the foundations.

Wellness spaces, bike storage, biophilic design and mood balanced lighting & sound all coalesce to create an inspiring, calming and purposeful space. 

As a B Corp, x+why has also committed to being as sustainable as possible. In order to become a member, individuals have to sign their pledge for better business (this is a non-negotiable): a commitment – not to perfection, but to improvement. 

To find out more about x+why, including their new ‘hybrid’ work packages for post-covid office working, click here

Who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves, work with a better version of their team, and improve the world while they’re at it? 

The Global Treehouse is a uniquely designed space acting as the hub for a global community of purposeful business leaders. The workspace is purpose-built to help people change their behaviours, increase collaboration and develop new skills through the concept of mindfitness.

Resting on a belief that our minds can be trained, the specially developed meditation program incorporates Japanese Zen in order to foster a new era of better business leaders. 

Above all, The Treehouse wants to bring together business leaders and thinkers who share a belief that remarkable things happen when open-minded communities intersect with inspiring spaces. 

Sound like you? To read more about The Treehouse or to sign up for membership, click here

Birch is a hotel and coworking space with a difference. 

Just 30 minutes away from central London, it offers an escape from city life without the travel time. 

With an accessible and design-led members club, custom built co-working space, meeting rooms, phone booths and tailor made team retreats, Birch is uniquely designed for those who approach work creatively.

They offer tailored packages to enhance your team’s creativity and productivity, including bakery masterclasses, pottery, yoga, foraging and meditation, and have a particular emphasis on connecting to the natural world around us. 

Alongside the purpose-built workspaces, you can embark on your team-building activities surrounded by an impressive 55 acres of some of the best countryside Britain has to offer. 

To find out more about how they make people feel energised, inspired and refreshed at work, click here

Outside is fostering a community of purpose-driven, like-minded remote workers across the globe. 

They’ve custom designed co-working and living spaces for individuals, teams and retreats in order to pursue a single, simple idea: to live and work in beautiful places surrounded by interesting people. 

They envision a world where people have the freedom to live and work anywhere, without sacrificing community and connection to others. 

“Outside’s mission is to create open and supportive spaces where people can connect and support each other, no matter what their background is. The more diverse our members and team are, the stronger our mission becomes.”

Emmanuel Guisset, CEO and Founder of Outside

With an impressive 24 co-living and working spaces across 3 continents, Outside provides variety as well as quality. Coastal, urban, alpine – they’ve got it all, plus a suite of impressive amenities at each location (all geared towards making your work-life easier and more inspired). 

They also offer fully tailored team retreats – from DIY stays, to a full service including personal chefs and team building activities. 

With six core values of belonging, trust, independence, diversity, sustainability and slow living, Outside oozes a modern, purposeful and sustainable atmosphere. 

To find out more about the global community of purpose-driven, sustainable remote workers at Outside, click here.

Community. Connection. Sustainability. 

Australian B Corp Happy Spaces wants to combine all three within their uniquely designed coworking spaces that have purpose and inspiration baked in. 

With a particular emphasis on local community and sustainable practices, Happy Spaces is part of a collective that believes life thrives locally, and that success should be measured through holistic wellbeing.

They’re driven by a desire to create community connection, belonging and wellbeing in spaces that are close to home. With open desks, studios, meeting rooms, communal areas, workshop spaces, parking and easy access to the nearby beaches, it’s easy to see why 94% of their members say their happiness has increased.

To read more about Happy Spaces’s values, locations and community events, click here