27th July 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Navigating adversity with Purpose: Episode five of ‘The Leaders Series’

Can climate change be solved by business?

Climate change has not always been accepted by business nor seen as a problem that is its responsibility to solve. That has now changed, but can business really steer the solutions?

We sat down with Thomas Camerata, Co-founder and Director of SouthPole, a carbon finance consultancy that enables businesses to invest in solving climate change as part of their ESG initiative.   

“Money coming from governments, from companies, combining markets and solving climate change – that is the combination I liked.’ 

Thomas explains how a commitment to a higher cause steers the company through tough times, and ensures as a society we can tackle the most pressing issue of our time: climate change.

“ We had pressure from investors to cost cut, just finish the projects we have …but the group of co-founders decided ‘no, no,’ we want to stay in that market.”