7th May 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Investment is personal: Episode two of ‘The Leaders Series’


What does it really mean to live by your values when money is at stake? What makes it difficult to accept the individual nature of values?

The business world likes to talk about investments as objective and non-partisan. Simply about the numbers. But when we make our investments based on our opinions and networks, it is our personal values driving those conclusive decisions.

Sharon Vosmek is the CEO of investment company Astia, a company dedicated to investing in women in business, talks to us about how we cannot divorce values from finance, and why investment is always personal.

“Gender brings unique perspective. Men and women have very different social experiences, very different economic experiences, and hugely different political experiences.”

Since joining the company in 2007, she has led the company from the 20 individuals in Silicon Valley to a global community it is today: a highly-curated network of over 5,000 experts, connecting female entrepreneurs with investment opportunities and providing them with expert advice and support.