Issue 04 of our print magazine is available to pre-order now

Issue 04 is available to pre-order now

Why Businesses Must Look Beyond Their Lifetime

Why Businesses Must Look Beyond Their Lifetime

Catch up on our live panel on infinite thinking featuring Sophie Howe, Charles Wookey and Christa Gyori.

On demand: Watch our live panel event to celebrate the release of Issue 02 of The Beautiful Truth Magazine, featuring contributors from the magazine.

Watch our live session from Thursday 18th May 2023 as we delve deeper into infinite thinking and how it can help businesses become a force for good in the world.

Read the full transcript here.


Sophie Howe

Sophie Howe served as the Future Generations Commissioner in Wales from 2016-2023. Her role was to represent a constituency that does not vote, work or even exist: she was the guardian for those who have not yet been born. The first of its kind in the world, her role signified a shift in how governing bodies approach long-term planning.

Charles Wookey

Charles Wookey is Co-founder and former CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business, a nonprofit organisation that believes people are not solely self-interested and business is not only driven by profit.

Christa Gyori

Christa Gyori is the Co-founder and CEO of Leaders on Purpose, global community of purpose-driven corporate leaders. They work with businesses, governments and non-profit organisations to build an economic system that leaves no one behind.