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The Edit: Thinking Long Term
The Edit

The Edit: Thinking Long Term

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
29th Jul 2022

Why two brothers are trialling out selling shares in themselves, how human values evolve across history and more in this week’s The Edit. 

  • A backlash against the tyranny of high expectations: why it’s OK not to be perfect at work – The Economist 
  • Is selling shares in yourself the way of the future? Two tech minded brothers are testing the water of a new way of confronting inequality – The New Yorker
  • Big picture history: how human values evolve. Historian Ian Morris charts the big changes to humanity across long-term history – 80,000 Hours Podcast
  • British businesses could invest more, but uncertainty holds them back. Tim Harford went to Legoland to investigate how the UK can improve its productivity – Financial Times
  • It’s time we started thinking more about the purpose and design of our office spaces. With hybrid work on the rise, strategies must include consideration of the new office – McKinsey
  • How to design for a market obsessed with sleep. The sleep wellness market has exploded in recent years, and creativity is setting some brands apart from the throng – Creative Review
  • Photos of the week from across the globeThe Atlantic 
  • What’s behind mass burnout, and what can we do to cool things down? The struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance is as old as work itself – The Beautiful Truth

“Don’t we have an obligation, a responsibility, to our planetary future and the generations of humans and other species to come?”

Roman Krznaric