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The Edit: Slowing Down
The Edit

The Edit: Slowing Down

The rise of immersive art, the beauty of slow travel and more in this week’s #TheEdit.
11th Feb 2022

“Life moves pretty fast,” Ferris Bueller says. “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Amid our jobs, social lives, family responsibilities, passions, hopes, fears and plans, it can be hard to find time to be still. To reflect on the present and appreciate the small, sometimes mundane, details that make the world around us so beautiful.

But there is a great deal of value in slowing down and rediscovering the small details that inspire purpose and meaning in everyday life.

Here’s what you might have missed this week:

  • The rise of immersive and technology based art: what makes these exhibitions so popular? – The New Yorker
  • Analysing what it will take to create a green global economy – McKinsey 
  • Why do we travel? Brazilian photographer Carol Sachs captures the beauty of the intangible, in-between occurrences on her slow journey through Asia – 5 Media 
  • Gal Beckerman discusses the importance of quiet spaces when it comes to mustering the innovation, ingenuity and courage to change society – The New York Times
  • How do weird beliefs work? Princeton Professor Michael D Gordin explores how people come to form fringe theories about the world – Aeon
  • Optimising the workplace: what’s best for you and your company – Harvard Business Review
  • What actually makes us change our habits and patterns? Emerging ‘megastudies’ are attempting to nail down what helps people to behave differently – The Financial Times
  • Are we all in need of an attention rebellion to address why we can’t pay attention anymore? – Vox Podcasts