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The Edit: How We Think
The Edit

The Edit: How We Think

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
13th Jan 2023

The different styles of thinking, how leaders can be more authentic and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • How should we think about our different styles of thinking? Some people say their thought takes place in images, some in words. But our mental processes are more mysterious than we realise – New Yorker
  • The financial case for investing in biodiversity. Climate change is intimately tied to biodiversity, as the natural world provides us with essential services – The Economist
  • Why leaders should be open about their flaws. Leaders often struggle to come across as authentic, perhaps due to their aversion to disclosing their weaknesses – Harvard Business Review
  • Bat-people on the moon. What a famed 1835 hoax reveals about misinformation today – Aeon Video
  • The problem with climate mega-philanthropy. Captains of industry are lining up to pledge huge sums to fund environmental projects – Raconteur
  • Innovation: your solution for weathering uncertainty. When the times get tough, the tough get innovative and create paths for future growth – McKinsey Co
  • Winners of the 2022 Close-Up Photographer of the Year. The contest “celebrates close-up, macro, and micro photography,” among 11 separate categories – The Atlantic
  • Breaking down the stigma around men’s mental health. Josh Roberts, author of Anxious Man, discusses his experiences with anxiety and how we can de-stigmatise men’s mental health – The Beautiful Truth 

“To describe our thinking is to domesticate it. This is why communicating with other people is both hard and interesting, and why knowing your own mind can be such a difficult, diverting task.”

Joshua Rothman