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The Edit: Finding Stillness
The Edit

The Edit: Finding Stillness

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
5th Aug 2022

How to embrace doing nothing, what electric cars could sound like and more in this week’s #TheEdit. 

  • How to embrace doing nothing. Absolute idleness is both harder and more rewarding than you might think – The Atlantic
  • The era of big-tech exceptionalism might be over. America’s technology giants are facing unfamiliar limits to growth – The Economist
  • What should electric cars sound like? Electric vehicles are virtually silent, so acoustic designers are creating alerts for them; a symphony – or a cacophony – of car noise could be coming to city streets – The New Yorker
  • Explore how eight industries might transition to a net-zero world. McKinsey explores the value in supporting green business opportunities in an increasingly net-zero world – McKinsey
  • Can we create the perfect farm? A glimpse into the future of producing food while restoring the planet – Aeon Video
  • Local is the new global when it comes to retail. Shopify’s challenge to Amazon has failed, but an Indian bid to empower small merchants is worth watching – Financial Times
  • What is it about friendships that makes them so powerful? They not only make you happier, but they can also make you richer – The New York Times
  • Is it wrong to steal from large corporations? A philosopher debates the ethics – The Beautiful Truth

“It’s a question of finding balance between work and leisure, where neither is neglected or crowding the other out. Both should be on your to-do list, undertaken with purpose and seriousness in designated places and times.”

Arthur C. Brookes