Issue 03 of our print magazine is available to pre-order now

Issue 03 is available to pre-order now

The Edit: Designing The Future
The Edit

The Edit: Designing The Future

Our weekly round up of the best articles, podcasts and videos focusing on purpose in life, work and the world.
17th Mar 2023

Middle age, the Big Blur and more in this week’s #TheEdit.

  • Millennials are hitting middle age – is it what they were promised? Middle-class millennials are experiencing a midlife they hadn’t expected – The New York Times
  • Namesake, a short film. A biologist on the sorrows of documenting the Great Salt Lake’s collapse – Aeon
  • The actions CEOs are taking in 2023. Corporate leaders are addressing risks while finding opportunities in digital disruption, the economy and geopolitical uncertainties – McKinsey
  • Welcome to the Big Blur. Thanks to AI, every written word now comes with a question – The Atlantic
  • A talk with our co-founder and CEO Adam Penny. Penny talks profit, communications, values and meaning with Monocle Radio host Tom Edwards – Monocle Radio
  • What is ESG, and why are Republicans so mad about it? US President Biden’s first veto could be in defence of the investment philosophy – The Daily podcast
  • Who gets to design the future? How to involve younger voices in design conversations, and why it’s vital for the future of the industry – Creative Review
  • How do you implement sustainability organisation-wide? Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, discusses how sustainability can be embedded organisation-wide in a rapidly changing world – The Beautiful Truth 

Join us Friday 24 March 2023 for a webinar with Arçelik’s CEO Hakan Bulgurlu. Adam Penny will be in conversation with Bulgurlu on his pursuit of Everest in the name of sustainability, plus a screening of our film Peak: Lessons from Chomolungma.

This event is free of charge, but you can help support the Turkey earthquake relief efforts with an optional donation at ticket checkout. Sign up here.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt