16th April 2021 0 Comments Purpose

The Edit: Travel in the time of corona



In this week’s round up, we take a look at how the travel industry has been affected by the pandemic. With restrictions potentially easing, the idea of a summer holiday is becoming increasingly realistic for some. What will the new version travel look like? How will technology shape the landscape of travel going forward? 

Join in as we take a look at the global conversation on purpose. 

What the new landscape of travel will look like post-pandemic, and how technology will play a central role. 

How the pandemic may revert travel back to being a luxury. 

Have a look at this infographic on cognitive bias and how it can wreak havoc when assessing risks in business. 

How the movement to give up flying was soaring pre-pandemic, and why we cannot allow climate action to be forgotten in the elation of eased restrictions. 

The science behind ‘zoom fatigue’, and why women are disproportionately affected compared to men. 

The company that is on a mission to recycle everything.

Are you even missing travelling to the office? These scented candles recreate smells reminiscent of our usual workspaces for those who are pining while working from home. 

How companies can decarbonise and boost growth simultaneously by empowering people. 

Will business travel ever return to a pre-pandemic normal? 

And finally, some words for the week from sociologist, Karen Stein: “Vacations reveal what people choose to do, rather than what they must do. They are opportunities for self-definition.”