26th March 2021 0 Comments Purpose

The Edit: Shifting to a Stakeholder Mindset

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This week, we celebrate the final few days of #BCorpMonth and champion business as a force for good. A year after much of the world went into lockdown, we consider how the pandemic has transformed our lives, our work and our world. Which changes do we want to reverse, and which do we want to keep

Here is our weekly round up of the individuals and organisations creatively pursuing purpose everyday. 

With all things B Corp in mind, take a look at how businesses can become a force for good by uncovering purpose, focusing on social sustainability and shifting to a stakeholder mindset. 

Covid-19 has revealed that governments need to drastically transform our preparedness and resilience to future disasters, and that global collaboration is essential. 

How engaging with the process of virtual onboarding can help businesses connect to their purpose

Psychological safety is essential to innovative workplaces. Ruchika Tulshyan examines why this is, and why women of colour are the most likely to feel uncomfortable sharing ideas. 

A new generation of scientists are changing the narrative of women and collaboration in science, and why this is beneficial for the whole world. 

Why we should nurture the heightened sense of community found in the pandemic. 

Solar panels placed over canals are reaping economic and environmental benefits for farmers and communities by preventing water loss and harvesting energy. 

How compassionate leadership, trust and collaboration are essential for remote working, and why they will provide a purpose-driven edge to businesses in a post-pandemic world. 

Finally, some words to reflect on from Natsai Audrey Chieza’s TED Talk on the intersection of nature, tech and society: “With truly ambitious design proposition, based on values that centre flourishing, caretaking and equity, we have the opportunity to build truly transformative systems… Systems that open up holistic measures of value and impact.”