23rd April 2021 0 Comments Purpose

The Edit: reconnecting with the earth

Multi coloured trees

Earth Day 2021 saw the celebration of our incredible relationship with the natural world, reminding us all that we are deeply connected to Earth. But alongside this appreciation of the natural world, the event also foregrounds the largely destructive impact that humanity has had on our planet. It is up to us to decide how we want to move forward: as detached outsiders looking at our environment from afar? Or as deeply connected members, participants and carers of the world that we all collectively live in? 

Here is our weekly round up of the global conversation on purpose. 

Reflect on our connection and place within the natural world. We are a part of it, not apart from it (The NY Times). 

Read up about the history, meaning and achievements of Earth Day here (Energy Saving Trust). 

Thermal images of London pinpoint exactly how well the city is adapting to climate change (Bloomberg). 

VR games are transforming the new world of virtual work by allowing people to “work” on tropical islands, forests and rooftop bars (The Financial Times).

A refresher on the science of climate change: evidence based answers to the complex questions of what is happening to our world (The NY Times). 

How public perception of a business’s ESG reputation in times of crisis shapes their future businesses practices (Network for Business Sustainability). 

On other topics around the world: 

Workplace evolution: how businesses are rethinking the open-plan office space after a year of working from home (The Fast Company). 

Albert Bourla on developing a world-changing vaccine in record time and changing the world (Harvard Business Review). 

And finally, some words for the week from Naomi Klein: “We can save ourselves, but only if we let go of the myth of dominance and mastery and learn to work with nature.”