29th April 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Why faux-purpose will not last: Episode one of the ‘Leaders Series’


How do you maintain both authenticity and contemporary relevance? How do you communicate a corporate philosophy to employees across the world? 

We sat down with Annamarie Sasagawa, Director of Corporate Culture at Kao, to discuss why values are indispensable to a business and how companies can be true to them.

Kao, a Japanese multinational chemical and cosmetics company, was founded in 1887 with a mission to enrich people’s lives with high quality products. Kao’s purpose is deeply embedded in its heritage, yet it is equally aware of the importance of listening to consumers and embracing change. 

“If you’re using purpose as a lever to maximise profit, then profit is your purpose. And then the next question is what are you going to do with all that money? Which then I think is when you get to the true purpose.”

She provides us unique insight into what it is like to lead with values, to make the heritage of such a business relevant today, and why ‘Purpose’ can never be faked.