22nd June 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Purpose is personal: Episode four of ‘The Leaders Series’

What does it mean to live with and lead with purpose?

As scrutiny on how businesses behave increases, and leaders have to navigate their own values, the corporate values and the values of their stakeholders, it is more critical than ever to understand what we stand for.

How do you act on what you stand for when working in a large organisation? We sat down with Ben Osborn, MD of Pfizer UK, to discuss how he lives his purpose within one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

“If you speak to people who are in their 80’s, 90’s, perhaps they’ve not got much life left, and ask them what is their one regret. The one thing you would do differently. Almost unanimously what everyone says is that they wish they’d lived their life more purposefully.”

Divorcing your ‘private self’ from your ‘corporate ‘self’ has persisted as a false dichotomy for many decades. Yet we are the same people both inside and outside of work. Ben explores how he brings his full self to work.