8th April 2021 0 Comments Purpose

The Edit: How can we nurture a healthier world?

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In this week’s round up, we reflect on just how connected our individual health is to the worldwide community. We consider how living a purpose-driven life can impact individual and global wellbeing after a year that saw the ground shift beneath the entire world’s feet. How do our values impact our health? How can we cultivate a happier, healthier world? 

Take a look as we tune into the global conversation on purpose. 

How including more women in the C-Suite transforms how businesses think and encourages innovation

How business rivals are working together towards sustainable futures by collaborating on the climate crisis

Why purpose is so important in driving value in business, and four steps to measuring the power of purpose at work. 

These start-ups and companies are developing products that address women’s health care needs and address the gender inequality in medical care for women. 

Why businesses need to help their employees discover their purpose or risk losing their talent to other, more purposeful, organisations. 

Take a look at how technology is making its mark in the climate movement with these five exciting innovations

How has the pandemic redefined our idea of professionalism?

MIT scientists have developed clothing that can track and improve its wearer’s posture and even monitor when people have fallen or injured themselves. 

Are carbon labels the next step in increasingly sustainable products

And finally, some words to reflect on:

“The primary ingredient for progress is optimism. The unwavering belief that something can be better is what drives the human race forwards.”

Simon Sinek