16th December 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Dylan Taylor: How can space help us see beyond ourselves?


We need to reimagine what is possible in order to drive change in the here and now. But how do we get that perspective? Our capability as humans to imagine different futures, different scenarios, different outcomes, give us the power to progress in the right way. 

“In many respects the word hasn’t been better but if you look at the systemic issues: climate, income inequality, the trainline is not good. So I think we have to really reflect on that.” 

Dylan Taylor is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Voyager Space Holdings is a holding company  acquiring and operating companies in the space exploration industry. 

“What will happen first, the first human born in space or the first combat fatality in space?”

These provocative questions allow us to reflect on the future we want, and what therefore matters today. People who see the earth from space experience the ‘Overview Effect’ – a cognitive shift in awareness that see’s how interconnected, small, and precious our world really is.

In this interview, we discuss how we really transform our perspective, how we can harness space to reflect on today’s business, and why a more universalist view of the world is the first step to change.

As part of the drive for change, Leaders on Purpose & the Fourth Sector Group have created an open letter, urging governments and businesses to “build the economic system better”. Henrietta Fore is a signatory of the letter.