16th December 2020 0 Comments Purpose

Dr James Mwangi: How can we apply personal purpose to business and society?


How can we apply personal purpose to business and society? Individuals are not one person at work and another outside of it; purpose is a truth that defines what you do in the world, and explains why you do it. 

We spoke with Dr James Mwangi, Group Managing Director and CEO of Equity Group Holdings, about how he has used his personal purpose to guide his professional career. 

“A purpose fully internalized brings a conscience in the mind and soul of a person, and essentially becomes a guiding framework.”

From improving the access and affordability of financial services to offering financial literacy and entrepreneurship training, Equity aspires to socially and economically empower consumers, business, enterprises and communities.

In this interview, we discuss how a single purpose – bringing financial inclusion to his community – has transformed local lives and livelihoods across Africa.

“We can build the world better, and each person’s effort will go a long way in making that dream come true.”

As part of the drive for change, Leaders on Purpose & the Fourth Sector Group have created an open letter, urging governments and businesses to “build the economic system better”. Dr James Mwangi is a signatory of the letter.